• Calibrations on the Web for one of the World's largest Engine Manufacturers

# Improved engine calibration download and usage performance for the client from a few hours to less than thirty seconds using Hadoop as an Infrastructure-as-a-service model on the cloud.
# Designed and documented the end-to-end solution for the “Calibrations on the Web” project which put calibrations on a cloud and extracted them at the user’s wish.
# Lead a team of developers who implemented the entire solution for “Calibrations on the Web” and guided them to improve BigSQL performance from about a minute to less than thirty seconds.

MSIT eBusiness Technology

  • FriendVoice: Socially Smart Product Reviews and Analytics

# Developed a socially smart product reviews and analytics system which integrates social data from Facebook to enhance user experience by filtering reviews according to social relevance.

# Developed algorithm for helping businesses to use this data to gain insights to their customer base and direct specific marketing efforts to individuals and geographies.

  • Mobile Trip Assistant

# Did detailed market research on existing mobile applications which help users to plan trips with public transport systems.
# Based on it came up with a solution for designing a Hybrid mobile application using Phone Gap which could help the local Pittsburgh people to plan their trips.
# Also did estimates on the cost of development, deployment and maintenance. And proposed ways of generating revenue from the application.      

  • Software Modeling for Mobile Banking

# Designed end to end software model for a mobile banking application, from requirements gathering to detailed architecture design; and presented to management for funding approval.
# Developed a detailed spec which included UML diagrams such as ER diagram, Sequence diagram and Class Diagram.      

  • User Interface design and Heuristic Evaluation

#  Conducted contextual inquiry to gather usability perspective for existing drug stores like RiteAid and Walgreens and performed its usability study.

# Based on the study, designed an eCommerce web portal mock-up and performed its heuristic analysis.                                                                           

my experience



the daly college, indore

carnegie mellon school of computer science

  • Fraud Detection for one of Canada's "Big Five" Banks

# Improved the fraud detection capabilities of the customer, reducing the false positives by about 90% of the original statistics.
# Used IBM BigSQL to analyze Hive tables to detect fraud transactions in customer data and used the HBase Java API to join data from multiple HBase tables; and did performance analysis of each case.

November 2012 - September 2015

transnational knowledge society, indore

  • Lecturer for Java and Computer Networks

Taught the Java programming Language and Computer Networks to Undergrad Computer Science Engineering students

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science

July 2010 - June 2011

acropolis institute of technology & research

October 2015 - June 2018


In this role, I was part of IBM's Big Data Consulting practice where I worked on IBM's state of the art Big Data platform - InfoSphere BigInsights. I took up projects which ranged from gathering requirements and implementing solutions to leading teams of dedicated Big Data developers. Some of the key projects that I worked on while in this team are listed below:
September 2006 - June 2010
I worked at IBM as a Product Manager in the IBM Watson Customer Engagement Business Unit. I dealt with IBM's state of the art Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration platforms and managed multiple products in the Portfolio.

My job role involved being an Entrepreneur, Strategist, Technical Visionary, Cross-functional Team Leader, and Client Advocate. My primary responsibilities were:
1) Defining the new product to be built; and
2) Managing its development, launch, and ongoing improvement.
To fulfill these responsibilities, I lead a cross-functional team by influencing their actions as the market authority, acting as a "General Manager" for my scope of the business.

Within the portfolio, I was responsible for managing the Gentran suite of Products which help customers with their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) needs. Gentran suite products integrate within a customer's Enterprise architecture and have the ability to talk to multiple external databases and other systems to help customers manage and handle their EDI workloads.

I also managed IBM's Sterling Secure Proxy (SSP). This is a Product that sits in the DMZ and acts as a proxy solution between an Enterprise's internal architecture and the outside world. It monitors traffic and also has the capability to identify and authenticate users using Sterling External Authentication Server (SEAS). SSP is the go-to solution for all of IBM's B2B Integration portfolio and helps clients with their Security challenges.

Lastly, I was responsible for a component of IBM's Premium B2B Offering - B2B Integrator (B2Bi). I looked after the EBICS portion, where I helped develop market strategies and roadmaps about features that need to come out in order to support and expand IBM's footprint in the European B2B market. EBICS is a European Financial standard that is the key differentiator for Financial institutions, and it was my responsibility to make sure that IBM capitalizes on that opportunity.

August 2011 - August 2012

Senior Big Data Consultant

Batch of 2006

my education

Product Manager


  • Secure eVoting System

Developed a system for securing voting mechanism by making use of Secure Multi-party Computation and Virtual Party Protocol. Voters login and vote for their chosen party and data is sent to virtual parties for security and then to Trusted Third Party for final calculation.

  • InfoSphere BigInsights guidance and advisory to one of Canada's "Big Five" banks

# Advised the customer on possible solutions to off-load data from EDW systems into InfoSphere BigInsights; and designed and documented the end-to-end solution.
# Guided the customer on Operations Procedures in InfoSphere BigInsights for administrative tasks.
# Gave demo of several components of InfoSphere BigInsights to the customer including BigSQL security, Data Federation, Data loading and Ingestion, Oozie, Monitoring in BigInsights, and NFS mounts for GPFS.